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Dear clients,

on June 25th this year, in our production base in the town of Dunitsa on Razmetanitsa Str. №5, thugsinvade led by the Private Enforcement Agent Nikolay Slavov and proxy of the company “K. Correction” Lyubomir Pavlov with a fictitious sale contract between my partner Yavor Zlatanov and the manager of “K. Correction” Ivan Dimov.

My employees and lawyer Atanasova were threatened, slammed/dashed, and some of the murders are involved in the “Beso” pogrom. Everything was happening before the eyes of the fourth Inspector „Kire the Lie”, who took their side biased. All attempts to enter were brutally failed by Dupnitsa police station headed by their boss Dinev.

The base was being robbed and harassed by thugs that were not checked by the police despite our signals in 112, IZAMET 05 and our customers suffered huge damages. Vandalism is supported by the local judiciary and the executive. Some of the participants were detained by the criminal prosecution as an organized criminal group, but their lawyers continued to lead and support the robbery.

During that same time the production base of the organizer of the criminal group is working, managing it while being detained as a classic mobster.

Today /28.08/ we were able to get inside our production base and to start the performance of the contracts with our clients!

This is exactly why there aren’t any investments in Bulgaria and the young generation is leaving the country.

The thugs are raging freely!

Ilia Zlatanov

First Elevators and Escalators

New line of technological and design solutions for residential, administrative and commercial buildings with guaranteed quality and reliability. Stylish, silent and secure facilities, based on improved technologies which provide intelligent work, environmental protection, and save energy every day. Certified according to

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We are IZAMET 05 LTD – the biggest manufacturer of elevators and escalators in Bulgaria, with more than 25 years of experience. We produce and offer a full range of elevators – passenger, freight, panoramic, car, kitchens, hospital, accessible, escalators, travelators and parking systems with guaranteed quality and superiority.

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