Escalators and travelators

The escalators and moving walkways of the FIRST line are an excellent solution for public and commercial buildings with a large flow of people, providing smooth ascent and descent to a large number of people at the same time without any load restriction.


We offer escalators for 30 ° and 35 ° inclination and travelators for 8 ° and 12 ° inclination that have low power consumption. Speed of 0.5 m/sec, indication with directional arrows, which show the direction of movement, stairs with illumination between the joints, three aligned steps on the horizontal part at the top and at the bottom, load control, step collapse protection, protection of the chains of the steps, escalator and handrail speed controls.


The FIRST line allows numerous design customization options for optimal integration into the interior of the building – aluminum or inox steps, optional color of the movable handrail, glass or inox balustrade, unlimited possibilities for exterior lining. The standard equipment includes 4-mode frequency control.


  • The first mode of operation enables the device (only one arm) to move in both directions, which is carried out by means of a photocell, which triggers the movement in the direction from which it has a passenger flow. The first traveler who arrives at the facility triggers it and it starts to move in his/her direction. This option is suitable for not very busy places, where the equipment is not used permanently.
  • The second mode of operation is programmed so that after a certain time, for example 120s, in which no one has used the equipment, it starts to move slowly, thus saving a lot of electricity. As passengers approach it, it immediately returns to its normal – a quick workflow.
  • The third mode of operation is similar to the second one, with the exception that after the programmed time has elapsed and there were no passengers to use the facility, the facility stops moving. When people come to it, it immediately returns to its normal – a quick workflow.
  • The fourth mode of operation is a continuous movement on a fast pace.


Model „IZA 30”

Model „IZA 35”


Model „IZA 12”

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