Car lifts

Due to the increasing number of cars, the need to provide more parking spaces is increasing. Car elevators from the FIRST line are an excellent solution to this problem. Our elevators are hydraulically driven or electric gearless (machine room-less) on a belt suspension. Most often they are fully automatic, with 8-panel doors.

Simply press the button on the remote control and the elevator comes to the desired stop, opens the doors and transports the vehicle without the need for the driver to get out of it. Their capacity varies between 2500 kg and 4000 kg, depending on the application and their speed from 0.15 m/sec to 1.0 m/sec.


Model „Genesis 41”

Electrical car elevator without machine room – one-sided or two-sided access.

Model „AXT”

Hydraulic car elevator – one-sided or two-sided access.

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