The FIRST line offers excellent floors, that provide wear resistance and reduce the risk of slipping, which at the same time remain easy to clean. Depending on the interior and the purpose of the elevator, you can find different floorings. Standard flooring is made of polyester wear resistant boards, technical or natural stone. Depending on the specificity of the site and the flooring of the floor space, the elevator flooring can be made of other material.

Polyester boards

Lightweight and easy to handle, they allow quick installation and replacement. No special preparation of the substrate is required before application. Besides aesthetic function and very good physical and mechanical characteristics, they provide a good level of sound insulation.

Technical stone

Made of 95% natural granite with white or black color and 5% polyester resin, with excellent strength, heat resistance and antibacterial, suitable for every taste, design and vision. In addition, the design of our cabins allows optional floorings to be placed directly on the site.

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